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Music Education

The Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra places a strong emphasis on music education in and around our community.
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Teaching the beauty of music

The Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra has helped over 42,000 students over the past 30 years understand the beauty and wonder that only music can provide. 

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Annual Children’s Concert

The Sheboygan Symphony and Sheboygan Area School District sponsor the annual Children’s Concerts, which introduce orchestral music to all public and parochial fourth-grade students in Sheboygan County. Students attend a daytime concert in the Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts where they are introduced to the various instruments of the orchestra, an assortment of musical terms, concert etiquette, and the composers and their musical works. By providing an authentic concert experience, students will have their world opened to a new understanding of the beauty of live performances.

Over 43,000 students have attended the Children’s Concerts over the past 28 years. For more information contact the Sheboygan Symphony Office at 920-452-1985.

The Sheboygan Symphony Children’s Concerts are sponsored by Sargento, Wisconsin Public Service, and Garton Family Foundation.


The Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra Guest Artist Masterclass Series features talented professionals performing with the SSO. The Masterclass is free for the participating students and open to the public for observation. To observe or participate in a masterclass, please contact the SSO office at (920)-452-1985, or e-mail

  • Class length is 60 minutes
  • Each class involves between 2 to 6 students
  • An accompanist is required for all students participating in the voice classes
  • Repertoire – Solo or Concerto that is approved prior to the Masterclass
  • Qualified student performers are selected on a first-come, first-served basis
  • A copy of the student’s solo work should be submitted prior to the Masterclass.
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to attend
  • All performers are required to attend the entire session
Boy playing jazz with music education instructor
Music education instructor helping student

Private Instruction

Below is a list of private music education instructors in Sheboygan County. The Sheboygan Symphony provides this list for informational purposes, and does not endorse one instructor over another. It’s also important to note that some teachers do have a waiting list, or are not accepting new students.

Rick Gustafson 920-458-5359 (res) 920-946-3619 (bus)

Jamison Stokdyk 920-395-4038

Glenn Zeinemann 920-457-0993

Helen Bohman  – 920-756-2486

Arody Carrazco – 920-912-3701 –

Emmie Christensen – 920-894-1696 – – (also teaches Voice, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele)

Lauren Danforth –

Elisabeth Daniels – 920-892-0623 –

Shelba DeMaster – 920-918-5401 –

Jennifer Hogan – 920-627-1903 – – (also teaches Voice)

Ann Hoppert Keller – 920-698-0325 –

Louise Mann – 920-528-7343 –

Beverly Mark – 920-242-7318

Tricia Marton – 920-287-9308 –

Lydia Matthews – 920-286-0790 –

Dan Ognavic – 920-452-1517

Pru Palecek – 262-268-7082 –

Elaine Phillips – 920-467-4494 – – (also teaches Voice and Organ)

Thomas Pibal – 262) 355-5622 – – (also teaches Voice)

Diana Shapiro – 920-686-6172 –

Susan Sonneborn – 262-242-0348 –

Jane Van Maaren – 920-564-2339

Calla Veldman – 920-254-0179 –

Sarah Vincent – 920-287-6059 – – (also teaches Trombone and all band instruments)

Jane Voigt – 920-894-2069 –

Drea Wagner – 920-918-3732  –

Marlene Wondergem – 920-457-2522 – – adult piano students only (also teaches Voice and Organ)

Kathy Arndt 920-876-3439

Elise McKinch 920-892-8071

Steve Hamer 920-451-0446

Sr Marsaia Kaster – 920-323-4310 –

Amy Beekhulzen, Violin/Viola, 920-912-3836 or

Timothy Hammond, cello,  920-479-0972

Lindsay Patterson, cello,

Sara Kroneck, Violins only, 920-226-7013

Dan Ognavic, Violin/Viola, 920-452-1517

Charles Stephan, Cello/Bass, 920-235-4031 (teaches at First United Lutheran Church)

Jane Van Maaren, Violin, 920-564-2339

Kristal Klemme 920-627-0401

Stephanie Wasmer 920-980-7305

Patricia Milsted, Bassoon/Clarinet/Oboe, 920-698-9467

Mini Mozarts

The Sheboygan Symphony is thrilled to be partnering with the Above and Beyond Children’s Museum to offer this wonderful program for the youngest generation of musicians in our community. Go Above & Beyond the Rainbow of Music with this Music Readiness program for ages 0-5 years old. While participating in various activities/musical experiences, children will bond with their parents through musical interaction, enhance listening skills, build verbal and gross motor skills, and grow in their enthusiasm for music.

For more information on how your children can participate in this program, please visit the ABCM website at or call (920) 458-4263

This program is generously sponsored by Heid Music, and the Medical Staff of Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center. 

music education - child playing drum

Pre-Concert Talks

Join us before select concerts for a pre-concert presentation led by Music Director Ernesto Estigarribia and learn all about the music and composers you are about to hear!

Pre-concert Talks begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. in the Weill Center Theater, and will be held for the following 2023-24 Season concerts:

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Saturday, May 18, 2024

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