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Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra

The Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra is the oldest continually active orchestra in the State of Wisconsin, performing concerts since 1918. The Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts is home to our Symphony.

The orchestra members perform in five regular season concerts, holiday concerts, and annual children's concerts for Sheboygan County's fourth-graders. The repertoire is varied and provides a strong musical experience for the performers. Guest artists add to the variety and experience for players and the audience.

The Sheboygan Symphony Chorus was founded in 1994 by Janet L. Herrick and is currently under the direction of Fabian Qamar. The chorus performs up to three concerts per year with the Sheboygan Symphony with 80 voices composed of community members. 

In the early 1980's, the Sheboygan Area Youth Symphony was founded by the Sheboygan Symphony and the Sheboygan Area School District. The Sheboygan Area Youth Symphony has a rich history of talented musicians, dedicated conductors and tireless volunteers. Many of its current and former members have performed with the Sheboygan Symphony and many other orchestras around the nation.  Our newest ensemble, Sinfonia, began its first season in 2012 as a small string orchestra. Since then, Sinfonia has expanded to include woodwinds, brass and percussion to offer a high quality full orchestra experience. The Concert Orchestra continues to grow artistically. This group was founded in 1982 as a full orchestra of about 35 musicians under the leadership of co-conductors, Debbie Williamson and Lewis Schmidt. Today the Concert Orchestra has grown to over 70 musicians, representing 19 different communities and 29 different schools, including many homeschoolers. Today the group of 129 plus students is under the direction of Jeremiah Eis and Fabian Qamar. In the spring of 2008 SAYS participated in a musical festival through Carnival Cruises and earned superior ratings.

We, the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra, an active community fine arts organization with an established history, are proud to be a member of the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce. As directed in our mission statement, we will continue to provide quality music programs to this area.