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Fabian Qamar, Director, Youth Symphony Sinfonia

Fabian QamarFabian Qamar is beginning his first year as Director of Youth Symphony Sinfonia. Mr. Qamar holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music with emphases in Voice and Viola Performance from Lakeland University (formerly Lakeland College) and a Master of Music in Vocal Performance from UW-Madison. Known to many as a singer, Mr. Qamar's interests have lead him to pursue a diverse set of musical endeavors which also include conducting, teaching, and a spectrum of activities in the instrumental music realm.

Beginning his conducting career in sacred choral music, Mr. Qamar had the opportunity while attending Lakeland to study independently with Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra Music Director and Conductor, Dr. Kevin McMahon.  Mr. Qamar has gone on to continue his choral conducting as the director of the Sheboygan Symphony Chorus and to further his path as an instrumental conductor as Dr. McMahon's cover conductor for Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra and Chorus concerts in the 2015-2016 season.
Excited to pass on musical knowledge and skills to others as a teacher, Mr. Qamar elected to take additional pedagogy and education classes during his collegiate studies. As a private instructor, he has taught voice, strings, piano, and guitar throughout Wisconsin and is currently based out of Mike's Music Studio in Plymouth, WI, where he teaches independently. He also appears regularly on the teaching staff at the Annual Lakeland University Summer Music Camp. 
Mr. Qamar is a devoted advocate of instrumental music in particular. While serving as the Director of the Youth Choir at St. Joseph Oratory (now St. Patrick's Oratory) in Green Bay, WI and now as the Assistant Director of Music at St. Stanislaus Oratory in Milwaukee, WI, he has established and fostered much greater instrumental involvement in sacred music programs which had previously been virtually entirely choral and organ. 
Mr. Qamar's love for conducting, teaching and promoting instrumental music is built upon his revelment in being a multi-instrumentalist. As a string player, Mr. Qamar added viola performance as a second major at Lakeland, going on to play as a regular member of the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra. He is also a guitarist. As a pianist, Mr. Qamar especially enjoys collaborative and jazz piano, currently playing with the jazz trio One Small Point. He is also an experienced church organist, currently holding the post of principal organist at St. Stanislaus Oratory in Milwaukee in addition to his assistant music directing duties there. During his time at Lakeland, Mr. Qamar also took advantage of opportunities to play in (and direct) the Schilcutt Handbell Ensemble and to play both percussion and horn in Concert Band. Mr. Qamar finds great satisfaction in creating music as an improviser, composer, and arranger.